Please note that due the pandemic/apocalypse I am keeping my sessions virtual as much as possible. In person sessions can be discussed on an individual basis and will include additional hazard pay. 

Learn to Play Dungeons & Dragons

I’ll teach up to five people how to play Dungeons & Dragons using the Starter Set Lost Mine of Phandelver box. Great for families that want to learn!

  • 3 Hours/session
  • Maximum 2 sessions
  • Minimum 2, maximum 5 players
  • $20/person/hour
  • email for availability

Custom Campaign

For experienced and new players alike that want to do a longer campaign over the course of multiple sessions. A custom adventure made just for your party in the RPG system of your choice. I’ll create your own custom world to play in!

  • Minimum 3 Hours/session
  • First session will get a bonus hour for character building
  • Minimum 3, maximum 6 players
  • $35/person/hour
  • $30/person/hour if you buy 3 or more sessions in advance.
  • email for availability

Module Based Campaign

Available for Dungeons & Dragons, Tales from the Loop, and Pathfinder 2nd Ed. A campaign using an existing written official content module.

  • Minimum 2 Hours/Session
  • First session will get a bonus hour for character building
  • Minimum 3, maximum 6 players
  • $25/person/hour
  • email for availability

Game Master Advice Sessions

Sometimes you get stuck in the creative process. Sometimes you don’t fully understand game mechanics. Sometimes you just need someone to bounce some ideas off of and get collaborative feedback.

  • 1 hour session
  • Will help to try and solve whatever I can. You can even tell your players that it was totally all your idea so they can bask in your creative radiance (I won’t tell).
  • $50/session
  • email for availability

One Shot Adventure

Nothing says “party” like an adventuring party! Great for kid and adult birthdays! I’ll make a fun story for you to start and finish with your friends (or enemies, it’s your party) using the RPG system of your choice. Pre-made characters can be provided as necessary. Game will be made age appropriate for whomever is playing. 

Corporate Team Building

Trust falls are boring! Nobody wants to hear Linda in HR’s rap about teamwork. Don’t you think you’d be a much closer team if you got to figure out puzzles while being a wizard? Focuses on teamwork, collaborative problem solving, and having fun!

  • Can be multiple smaller sessions with different groups, or one huge session with the whole crew. Want to add a little competition? Have multiple groups racing towards the same goals!
  • No limit on number of players
  • We can talk about your individual needs to make the perfect session that caters to your team.
  • $2500
  • email for availability


Pricing Breakdown

I’ve heard the question before: “Why would I pay for something that my buddy Greg could do for free?”

Most groups that I’ve worked with have a similar story: they all want to play but nobody wants to be the DM. It makes sense, being a dungeon master is a big undertaking. A lot people don’t know that amount of work it takes to plan a single session, let alone an entire campaign. If you hire me, you’re getting hours of personalized, one of a kind, creative entertainment. The cost covers the hours of planning, map making, research, character building, and world building that go into making your RPG experience something worth coming back to again and again. This is my full time job. Instead of having to try and build a universe while also dealing with another job, my focus is making your experience awesome. This also covers travel, supplies (digital and physical), and materials which I provide for the game.