I believe that ANYONE can and should role play.

Justins & Dragons is a Game Master service in Portland, OR offering a to your door RPG (Role Playing Game) experience. It features a variety of services that cater to first time players and RPG veterans alike. J&D provides over 15 different games to choose from covering a huge spectrum of themes, challenges, and complexity.  Services include learn to play sessions, custom campaigns, one shots, and corporate team building games.  The cornerstones of games run focus on having fun, cooperation, and being awesome.

Please not that due to the pandemic/apocalypse I am keeping my sessions virtual as much as possible. In person sessions can be discussed on an individual basis, and will include additional hazard pay.  Epic heroes wear masks.

What you need to bring to the table: An imagination, some adventuring companions, and positive attitude. It’s okay if you’ve never role played before, I got you. Make sure wherever we’re playing has a big enough table to support everyone involved, books, dice, etc. Snacks are always appreciated but not necessary. Oh, and please don’t be a murderer.

What I’ll bring to the table: Everything else. I provide dice, character sheets, supplies and a one of a kind role playing experience. If you happen to have your own books/dice they’re always welcome.

Virtual sessions: Are run with Roll20, Zoom, and DnDBeyond if needed.  I will provide all the necessary virtual materials, you just need to show up ready to be awesome!

A lot of folks feel that being less than sober can enhance their experience, and that’s totally fine.  I’m 420 friendly and cool with alcohol, but nothing shadier than that please. It is requested that whatever your jam is, you are coherent enough to understand rules, play your character, and follow a story.  I’m fine around pets, and already love your dog. I will require petting any cute dogs on the premise if that’s what they’re in to.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME AT MY TABLE NO MATTER WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW, AND WHY YOU ARE AND WILL BE TREATED WITH RESPECT BY EVERYONE PRESENT.  The exceptions being Nazis, racists, and jerks.  As long as you’re not an asshole to me or others around you, you’re good.  These games are not the time for you to insert your fetish into things.  Please try to read the room and role play accordingly. If you make anyone uncomfortable, you’ll be asked to stop.  The goal is for everyone to have a good time with dice and feel they’re in a safe (and wizard filled) space.